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I wish you were joking, I am riding mine over to my parents tonight because our town doesn't understand a calendar so is doing firworks in June. They live really close to the display so their road will be packed full of traffic. I will be one of the last to leave and help tear things down so I am not part of that mess.

Get one of the cameras for your bike and the people you know that drive cars will be amazed with what you can show them that their fellow car divers do.


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I would not be amazed. I drive a car, and see various fuckers doing fucky things on the regular.


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I want to raise the national driving age to 25 for Cars.
Under 25? you're forced to ride a motorcycle.
After a generation of dead kids, the ones that do make it past 25 will be smart enough to respect other motorcycle drivers on the road.


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It would be a good idea to have new car drivers drive motorcycle on roads for few months just so they can learn do's and don'ts of road use. For some reason I often felt safer riding bike than a car maybe because of less distractions while driving?


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every intersection death, every car will kill you...

And you say the cagers are the retarded ones? I just watched two different "cyclists" hit a turning car and fly through the air at least 100 feet. (liveleak) One cager got out of his protective cage and looked down the road to where the cyclists former body landed, and his protective cage appears to have worked out well for him.