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If someone's dating profile is "this is me in my underwear" + "I have a bastard child", you better run. That's r-selection all the way.

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Astoundingly, nearly 92% of Black men eventually flee from biracial kids they themselves create!!! 92% Study from the CDC :


Countless Sociology papers provoked creation of a recent documentary by the Black community, that Black men flee their kids, even if THE MOTHER IS BLACK. 72% if black mother :

Refer to :


And 98% of mixed race kids get NO MONEY SUPPORT from black fathers EVER !:

ref "Table 6" of 2015 Science paper https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2625893

Except in EVERY television commercial, the worst fathers on earth are scientifically proven to be black as shown above.

A mixed race baby is never ever going to have a father and especially not a non-black father because no white man wants to be seen in public in a role that looks like he was "cuckolded" :


Women are delusional. That black thug spawn from Da'Trayvon has knocked her 7 full points out of 10 for long term commitment from a man with a job.

92% of Black men eventually flee from their own biracial kids

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Looks like they shut down the clutch mag link.

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Niggers have the right idea, white women need to be kept in line though.

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*Visible tattoos...

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It's been two goddamn days since the first time this was posted.

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First I've seen it, faggot.

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I see where you're coming from, but just imagine if we kept reposting the same stuff every couple days. Although this is just one post though and not really an issue by itself.

The picture could have easily be found by two different users on two different days, but if OP blatantly reposted the original two days later, then shame on him. At least give it a couple weeks for stuff to cycle through.

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Still necessary.

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First time I've seen it. I am glad it was posted and rose high enough for me to enjoy it.

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Quit being such a joyless fuck.

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Over/under 17 1/2 years of age he will live to.

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That woman’s name must be Felicia

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I've got tinder downloaded to my phone, but every time I go to set it up I get so depressed I have to stop. This post is why I get depressed.

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Change whatever you're doing so that you can start meeting likely prospects in real life.

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Where would one go to meet them?

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Nope, she knows I still love her. She even said she'd call me tomorrow. She didn't even say she was happy after a year and three months of letting her try to find that. Thots on tinder or even real women at a bar/restaurant/church=/=Julia Gutierrez. She's my literal soulmate and if she calls me tonight I'll chase down the ends of the Earth for her if she'll let me.

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Who would have thought a hookup app would give you the lowest dregs of society?

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No shit! I need one a level up from here: fucks anything but niggers. Really it's better for them that I would avoid them , since the black man mounted up I would be useless to them.

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I disagree with Hand_of_Node, ESPECIALLY if you are quiet/shy and not actively meeting tons of new people often. FORCE yourself to go on one date a month. You'll see some girls out of your league, some under it, and some in. You want to get used to honing in on what traits you need in a partner versus what traits you need to avoid.

I used online dating apps to try and find a decent guy. I just got back from visiting one of them for a weekend platonically and we think we would make a good match.

You're looking for a diamond in a pit of mud. There is one out there, but you gotta keep digging through the trash for her. It doesn't matter where she comes from as long as you get her.

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As a female, you have the privilege of being able to get dates on a predetermined schedule, no questions asked.

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I know my diamond. She texted me back today, She's 2000 miles away but if she said jump I'd show you all how fast an NC redneck could jump to Montana. I wouldn't even take the cig out my mouth. I hope you find your diamond though. We all deserve our person.

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If he really was her everything she wouldn't be slutting it up on dating websites looking for another man to warm her bed...she would be focusing on being a great mom and learning to make better choices than the ones which resulted in her being a single mom in the first place.

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As if the niglet isn't enough, a tattoed mother in her fucking underwear is a big red flag aswell

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