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or the many reasons why the US government could not simply use the military against the citizens of this country

They want to use aircraft. Seriously.

Aircraft can't occupy buildings. More importantly, anything big enough to not get shot down trivially uses utterly ridiculous amounts of fuel. A humvee can sit on the ground all day and not use fuel. A helicopter can't.

Any disruption to the supply chain, and all those aircraft are grounded.


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These military technologies are designed to decimate, not to occupy. Which would mean that in the state of a civil war, these same weapons couldn't be discretely used against conservatives, but would undoubtedly kill liberals as well. The US government couldn't survive decimating its own people, and even in the impossible event of using the military to wipe out only conservatives, it is disastrously unlikely our government could survive anyway. All aspects of the representative, constitutional democracy would evaporate because they are taken on a degree of faith. The curtain would drop. Pretty soon, having concluded the civil war, the Left would now be under an actual totalitarian regime, in shambles mind you.

They would swiftly come to the realization that they had eliminated that very element that maintained the entire infrastructure for them, and that structure would completely collapse. They'd realize the world doesn't run on degrees in marketing, PR, finance, and the humanities. This point by itself renders all of them moot because the Left would be unable to wage a war against the powers that keep supply chains and utilities running. In this modern, technological, post-industrial landscape, the Left and the Right are more segregated economically than what they used to be. The Left simply don't have the self-reliance to maintain themselves without the amenities of modern living (those that do are the absolute minority).

The rest of our enemies around the globe would recognize this vulnerability and, having waited and watched while the gun-owning conservatives of the US had been wiped out, would be emboldened to invade. And successful they would probably be.

The only strategy that forces at the federal level have for countering offensives from the public - without destroying themselves simultaneously - is marshal law. The police state. Boots on the ground manning posts and patrolling areas.

With a gun-owning conservative population like ours, this would literally be impossible. It becomes insurgent warfare technically, and we see how well the greatest military on Earth has handled insurgent warfare for the last decade! It's because its INCREDIBLY difficult to fight people when you are simply trying to occupy as a first principle. The locals know the lay of the land. They know each other. If every officer who fired a shot was also killed, any federal forces would be quickly diminished in any region of the country.

Let alone that the vast majority of our military would not fight this fight, and if it came to it, would betray the government and fight on the side of conservatives.

It's just so fucking ridiculous to even consider. If liberals think they'll have the military to back them, they have a rude awakening. If they even think they've got the constitution, the skill, the know-how to win in a fight against conservatives, I just don't even know. These guys are blogging at Starbucks, while conservatives are at gun ranges. Liberals install alarm systems. Conservatives keep a gun in every room. Liberals call for help. Conservatives are usually the help.