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...Thinks they will be nice and cozy in their cities that produce 0 food. Siege warfare anyone?

Hardly even a siege. The rioting will begin in about 12 hours -- we've seen it happen over and over. I'm not sure "3 days" counts as a siege. It's actually containment, just to keep their "refugees" out.

...Thinks the Military will side with their candy asses. KEK

The best case scenario for them is that the military decides to sit it out (and would probably be their best move.) All realistic options go downhill from there.

...Thinks that the EU will come to their aid. What the hell kind of drugs is this person on?

Germany is the EU. Germany has six submarines left. None of them work. (Literally. They are all in the shop right now.) They have a grand total of four fighter jets they can deploy for local air defense. Good luck getting attack aircraft across the Atlantic, much less getting them operational and supplied here. They have 14 transport planes. None them are flightworthy. Not one. The EU not only isn't a threat -- it's such a non-factor that no one serious would ever consider them. (NATO certainly doesn't anymore.)


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Touché my man...