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Once the food is cut off drop in loads of very potent 'edibles'. Once couch lock sets in, bus them to Canada.


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We're getting pretty tired of this "Canada is full of leftist pussies" meme you Yanks have.

I challenge any of you southern fairies to come up to my hunting camp in January, and not bitch about the cold all day long.

Seriously, the average Canadian is way tougher than the average American.

None of my friends are leftists, we all shoot, we all hunt, fish, canoe, cut our own firewood from trees, garden, etc.

You could cut my neighbourhood off from the rest of the world and we would survive very comfortably. From what I see, a little bit of weather and y'all lose your shit down there.

My power was out for a week over Christmas. The only effect was I went through a bit more petrol than usual. I even had internet up and running.