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I'm sure they would, I just don't think they have the resources to do it and win. I just can't see then, the same group tearing up their own guns on jewtube and welcoming refugees, being able to stand against conservative forces. It's gonna be a bloody mess sure, but I think most of the blood is going to be theirs.


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The problem with that is that if the US econony collapses as a result it will take a good sized peice of the worlds economy with it. An unstable USA is not in EUs interest only the (((EUs))) interest.


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they are going to need to worry more about former eastern bloc nations opening a new eastern front with a vastly different political alignment from that which it had last time

regarding the EU coming to their aid I mean


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The EU will try. They want their EU army. They likely have a serious hard-on to occupy countries that are resisting EU totalitarianism and fake refugees.


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That might work over there, but over here we already armed ourselves. The EU has an estimated grand total of approximately 80,000,000 firearms, legal and illegal. The lowest of the low estimated puts the number of legal firearms in the US at 300,000,000.

They could send every gun they have and the left will still be seriously outgunned.