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When Call of Duty is your war room strategy, Mountain Dew is your jet fuel, and Maxine is your General, the bell of liberty tolls for thee...

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Well, I've got battle rifles for my sons, and my wife loads magazines like a champ.

Bring it on, you fucking commies.

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I have a (now expunged) felony conviction for explosives manufacturing.

They have pussy hats.

Trying to kill me, and people like me, really wouldn't work out well for them.

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This person has absolutely no concept about war, or the many reasons why the US government could not simply use the military against the citizens of this country. What a fucking idiot.

I really have to wonder what is in the minds and the hearts of these fucking liberals when they talk about going to war with us. Is it possible they truly aren't aware of just how badly they would get shit stomped?

They've been poking a monster for a long time, and since conservatives have continued to play by the rules and by conservative values, liberals must think this is all we've got? The will rue the day they actually push that beast to waking up to defend itself. My god, it would be a disaster.

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or the many reasons why the US government could not simply use the military against the citizens of this country

They want to use aircraft. Seriously.

Aircraft can't occupy buildings. More importantly, anything big enough to not get shot down trivially uses utterly ridiculous amounts of fuel. A humvee can sit on the ground all day and not use fuel. A helicopter can't.

Any disruption to the supply chain, and all those aircraft are grounded.

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It's going to be glorious. Just fucking glorious.

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Fuckin aye! Couldnt have said better myself.

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Someone doesn't understand how war works.

Where does this ass think his food comes from? Do they grow it in the city? Those rural militias are going to destroy your supply lines then run off into the woods. They will starve you out and let you kill each other. Being in a large city with no ability to create your own resources is the worst place to be.

What about your water supply? One single large reservoir? Seems like a dangerous plan. Us rural folk have our own wells. I would also have to walk less than half a mile in any direction to find water capable of being boiled and used.

What about cooking your food and staying warm? I have a forest full of fuel right behind my house. No problem there. How are you going to cook your food and disinfect your no water once the power goes out?

Where do they think their electricity comes from? Do you see a lot of massive power plants in major cities, or are they located in the more rural areas? How about the supply lines in between?

As for the military. Sure you have control over the non defecting members. But what if one of those defecting members happens to be in control of a nuclear sub? Big cities don't seem all that great any more, do they?

They also clearly have no concept of history either. The southern democrats started the civil war. The republican party was literally created to fight southern democrats and their slavery addiction.

"With the successful introduction of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill of 1854, an act that dissolved the terms of the Missouri Compromise and allowed slave or free status to be decided in the territories by popular sovereignty, the Whigs disintegrated. By February 1854, anti-slavery Whigs had begun meeting in the upper midwestern states to discuss the formation of a new party. One such meeting, in Wisconsin on March 20, 1854, is generally remembered as the founding meeting of the Republican Party."

" The Republicans rapidly gained supporters in the North, and in 1856 their first presidential candidate, John C. Fremont, won 11 of the 16 Northern states. By 1860, the majority of the Southern slave states were publicly threatening secession if the Republicans won the presidency. In November 1860, Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected president over a divided Democratic Party, and six weeks later South Carolina formally seceded from the Union. Within six more weeks, five other Southern states had followed South Carolina’s lead, and in April 1861 the Civil War began when Confederate shore batteries under General P.G.T. Beauregard opened fire on Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Bay."

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To add to this point

As for the military. Sure you have control over the non defecting members. But what if one of those defecting members happens to be in control of a nuclear sub? Big cities don't seem all that great any more, do they?

They think they have control of the cities. They think we don't know how to fight in an urban environment.

They dont, and we do. We have been fighting In the cities and mountains of the middle east for damn near 20 years non stop. I was trained in urban warfare and guerrilla tactics and I wasn't even infantry. The training our actual shooters get would make this pansy shit his pants.

The idea that even half of the veteran population would side with the soft headed faggots is laughable. A few thousand vets going to town on a city full of people who want to destroy everything the constitution stands for sounds like an absolute horror show for any opposition.

These fucking cowards have no idea what violence of action means but if they continue to pop off at the mouth about nuking middle america, like this sack of shits username says, I'll be more than happy to show them.

And as for controlling a sub or something, it would be so much worse than that.

If the military is asked to start firing on civilian targets, even if they are in open rebellion, I am confident that almost everyone would defect or at least stand down. No pilots are going to drop bombs. No tanks are going to roll in, no ships are going to bombard, no one is going to kick in doors. The only people who will follow the unlawful orders are the various police forces and that will only last while the fight is small scale. Like Waco. As soon as it gets larger and they are dealing with an actual militia the police will stand down too.

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Better not to fight in an urban environment. It is better to lay siege to them. A siege is much cheaper than going in it with losses. I'd rather get the city intact in the end rather than it be reduced to rubble.

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Urban warfare is always a scary prospect that is slow, full of setbacks, prone to ambushes through traps and snipers and ties up a lot of soldiers just keep secured what you have already gained.

It is better to lay siege to them, wait for the hunger riots to kick in and then just deal with the remaining survivors weakened and in low morale from hunger.

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What's sad is I live near an "intelligence" base and they're all libtards.

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Hey, they have Manning and the other Trannies. /s

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Don't forget that they've got spics and niggers on their side. One general in Africa a long time ago said he'd rather have 10,000 men instead of 100,000 niggers.

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the blacks will be looting and raping, with inner city left liberal whites being prime targets

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"The attack on Équateur was necessary to show the negroes that whites have arrived. Whites still have an excellent reputation in Africa. On our way we met a group of 30 or 40 young men of maybe 15, 17 years. As they spotted us on the street with our three jeeps, they swiftly scrambled for the underbrush to the left and right. They were armed with bows and arrows. We didn't pursue them. Why should we?"

- Siegfried 'Kongo-Müller' Müller, mercenery veteran of the 1960s Congo Crisis

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The Republican party was founded in my state? Cool.

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Right wingers continue commit acts of violence against peaceful protesters, asylum seekers, and refugees

Is this what he thinks is going on now?! The left are the ones inciting and committing acts of violence against peaceful protesters, and I haven't heard of any "right wingers" committing acts of violence against asylum seekers or refugees...

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The level of projection and delusion is absolutely astonishing, isn't it. It takes some serious echo chambers to maintain that level of bullshit.

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Every single time a story made the news about right wing hate crime they found it to be self inflicted.


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We commit violence against them by existing, which is why these peaceful, loving people are always gloatingly talking about the day "old white people" die off and the policies they prefer can be rammed through.

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He means ICE and border patrol arresting illegals, and mean tweets from trolls.
Sticks and stones may break their bones, but words will always hurt them.

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My main concern is that we get overconfident. Never get over confident for any reason.

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When I was little, maybe 6, I got into a fight with my older brother. He beat the shit out of me and I cried.

My oldest brother sat me down and told me "Never go into a fight expecting not to get hurt."

That stuck with me ever since. You can be confident in yourself and know that you aren't coming out clean at the end.

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Oh hell yeah, that is the truth. We've had this talk a few times here - no one wins a fight. The very best you could hope for is seriously bruised knuckles that will hurt like hell for days.

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"The way of the warrior is resolute acceptance that he may die." ~Miyamoto Musashi

When a man fights, and he is truly ready to die, he is a dangerous adversary- he's automatically willing to go further, fight harder than the guy who is afraid to die or get his nose broken or whatever.

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I learned that quote as the "...resolute acceptance of death."

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That's why the states lost against Vietnam.

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False. Overconfidence played a role in prolonging the war, but we lost the war at home, not in 'Nam. The American people were forcing our military to fight with one hand tied to their nuts, while the enemy used whatever means necessary to defeat us. That's the primary thing that lost us the war.

We wouldn't execute suspected VC 'civilians' for fear of the media backlash. The media was more powerful than our military, and the media was aligned AGAINST the USA at that time, as well.

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This tool...

...Thinks they will be nice and cozy in their cities that produce 0 food. Siege warfare anyone?

...Thinks the Military will side with their candy asses. KEK

...Thinks that the EU will come to their aid. What the hell kind of drugs is this person on?

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Liberalism is the drug

Seriously though, this civil war would break records in being the shortest war in existence. Id give them less than a week. Once the water gets shut off and the internet/power turned off they’d all start killing each other. Once they attempt to leave the cities they’d realize they’re surrounded and get gunned down when trying to leave.

How many of them know how to survive off the land? My survival experience is limited, but compared to them im fucking Les Stroud (survivor man). At least we’re the type of people who could filet a fish, prepare/eat squirrels and rabbits (if we had to), know what wild plants could be eaten (like dandelions), and would know how to purify water. Ive done all of that, but how many of them have?

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Once the food is cut off drop in loads of very potent 'edibles'. Once couch lock sets in, bus them to Canada.

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...Thinks they will be nice and cozy in their cities that produce 0 food. Siege warfare anyone?

Hardly even a siege. The rioting will begin in about 12 hours -- we've seen it happen over and over. I'm not sure "3 days" counts as a siege. It's actually containment, just to keep their "refugees" out.

...Thinks the Military will side with their candy asses. KEK

The best case scenario for them is that the military decides to sit it out (and would probably be their best move.) All realistic options go downhill from there.

...Thinks that the EU will come to their aid. What the hell kind of drugs is this person on?

Germany is the EU. Germany has six submarines left. None of them work. (Literally. They are all in the shop right now.) They have a grand total of four fighter jets they can deploy for local air defense. Good luck getting attack aircraft across the Atlantic, much less getting them operational and supplied here. They have 14 transport planes. None them are flightworthy. Not one. The EU not only isn't a threat -- it's such a non-factor that no one serious would ever consider them. (NATO certainly doesn't anymore.)

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Touché my man...

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In most of their precious big cities, they'd have to manage a serious nigger problem, haha. If you fine black gentleman fight for us, we'll make sure you never lose welfare again. We're asking you to shoot and kill white people. It's gangster.

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This. When the corner convenience store is shut down and the liquor is gone they will raid white neighborhoods in a way that makes their flash mobs today look like practice play.

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Liberalism is a hell of a drug

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I'm sure they would, I just don't think they have the resources to do it and win. I just can't see then, the same group tearing up their own guns on jewtube and welcoming refugees, being able to stand against conservative forces. It's gonna be a bloody mess sure, but I think most of the blood is going to be theirs.

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The problem with that is that if the US econony collapses as a result it will take a good sized peice of the worlds economy with it. An unstable USA is not in EUs interest only the (((EUs))) interest.

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they are going to need to worry more about former eastern bloc nations opening a new eastern front with a vastly different political alignment from that which it had last time

regarding the EU coming to their aid I mean

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The EU will try. They want their EU army. They likely have a serious hard-on to occupy countries that are resisting EU totalitarianism and fake refugees.

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That might work over there, but over here we already armed ourselves. The EU has an estimated grand total of approximately 80,000,000 firearms, legal and illegal. The lowest of the low estimated puts the number of legal firearms in the US at 300,000,000.

They could send every gun they have and the left will still be seriously outgunned.

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HAHAHA! Thinks that rural people sit around and post on the internet! He of course, goes to the gym for 30 minutes a day, and walks to lunch, therefore is in peak physical shape. Might even ride a bicycle on the weekend through the park, while the rural person sits on soafa, watches Maury and Jerry Springer and drinks beer and farts in their trailer park.

Instead the rural person is working in the garage, repairing engines on their vehicles, prepping the boat for fishing season, getting the sled out for maintenance in the winter, making syrup in their sugar shack, splitting wood for the furnace or fireplace, hunting, fishing, shooting, mowing the land, probably has a few animals around to care for, fixes fences and outbuildings, DIY home repairs - electrical, plumbing, framing, drywall, roofing, siding, deck building, etc.

But, the city dweller only sees what they show on the TV - if you live outside a city, there is "nothing to do", so therefore, they just sit around and drink Keystone.

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I tended to the thought that country folk spend all their time farming, shooting, and drinking beer.

(Don't get me wrong on farming, it is a physically active job!)

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Every activity can be paired with drinking beer. It's not an either/or, it's an AND

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They'll starve in those cities. Liberals are retarded, I'd swear this is a troll.

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All that would need to be done was post a pair of riflemen every 100 yards or so in a perimeter surrounding the target city. Anyone that wanders out into the 'burbs looking for food to loot catches some slugs.

Modern day sieges are so much different, mainly because there are no fucking walls surrounding a city. So a besieging force simply has to set up their own perimeter to "wall in" the city. This also enables the besiegers to infiltrate the city easily and perform sabotage or recon ops. Fires will also be a tremendous issue- once emergency services stop showing up, whose job is it to put out the fires? The pussy-hat wearing faggots? Hah!

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