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i like the content on /pol but i hate the thread setup. 8chan does it too. its confusing and good luck figuring out if youve been replied too or if you replied to who you wanted too. im sure its an easy thing, buy voat is so much simpler.


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Imageboard format is archaic as fuck... but I love it. At least with hatechan, there's a little "Tree View" checkbox near the top of the page that will sort shit in replied-to tree order instead of the default chronological order.


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If you enable JS(and cookies, for some strange reason) on 8ch, hovering over the post number in a reply will show you the referenced post(or highlight it if it's still on the screen). It's definitely more cumbersome, in a way, but it does have its advantages.


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It's funny, because I've been using imageboards for years and I still think it's superior to Reddit/Voat style voting threads due to the fact that I can see each comment without digging. Just what I'm used to, I guess.


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