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Some of them might even turn into regulars if they weren't already.


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damn....there was this awesome video animated with 80s vibe music, it shows a scrawny kid getting redpilled on his computer and he gets accepted by alt right chads and gets buff, they go into a school and turn purplehaired nose ring chicks into wholesome christians with morals....its one of the best videos ive ever seen aside from murdoch murdoch stuff. it was posted here about 2 weeks ago


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Take Back Our Future, yeah, gets reposted at least monthly.


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Ask and ye shall receive, @Umrtvovacz @CheeseboogersGhost
Non-cucked link:

*I'd love to link to hooktube, but YouTube seems to be blocking this video from working as a 3rd party embed. Wonder why.

EDIT: what the fuck? The link is in this comment— click the "source" button and you'll see it. For some reason, nothing shows up in the post itself. :\

EDIT2: fixt


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I know what you mean, would also like a link, can't find it myself.