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Not only piss poor effort, but a strange effort- I like to imagine the scene as if it played out in real life.

Me and a handful of other goats are sitting up late in a bar, having drinks and bullshitting about various topics. Most of us are White nationalists, and I assume most of us are fit and take pride in the work we put into our bodies. Suddenly, a morbidly obese White man kicks the door in, and he SCREAMS (his message was in all caps): "GUYS! THERE'S THESE PEOPLE ACROSS THE STREET, THEY MADE FUN OF SARAH SANDERS FOR BEING FAT! NOW, I'M A PROUD WHITE FAT MAN! EVERYONE GO AND TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF!!"

How do you think we'd respond to that kind of faggotry? Wing a few empty bottles at him while mocking him for being a tub of lard?


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Pretty sure we would mostly ignore him and keep drinking.


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/v/fatpeoplehate are pretty cucked. They love them some niggers, beaners & kikes - they just hate hamplanets.


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This is how they map out weak spots in the csommunity.

He's an agent provocateur