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There was a thread on there where the JIDF was playing proxy games and posting gif's and webm's as an Aussie of Juba the Israeli sniper shooting our soldiers in Iraq. Pretty fucked up shit. Most of /pol/ was on to it was was calling them out for their Jewish tricks


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Woah wait what. This post made me register just to reply to this.

I was in Iraq, and we legit lost dudes because of this Juba faggot. He was a big fucking problem all around Baghdad.

He was fucking israeli!?


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Why are you surprised? Mossad is the terrorist organization of the looming Apocalypse. They blew up the Twin Towers. They got us into Iraq. There's little fuckery in this world that they're not directly involved with.


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Welcome to Voat. Hope you stick around.

Its really hard to find info on this shit. Its been scrubbed as far as I can tell. Basically all the videos of shots being taken are from a camera perspective that is ON the gun. This kind of tech wasn't around yet, nor was it widely available for consumers to purchase, unless you had special contracts with the company, Rafael. These few blogs have some info about the overall gist of what happened. Mossad and crew was trying to keep the conflict in Iraq as crazy as possible, to keep the US involved for as long as possible. I tried the "wayback machine archive" website to see if I could dig some stuff up for you, but this is what I got. << Just skip down to No. 3 and read. Its mostly trollish bullshit.