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The following comment,

we already redpilled. extremist aren't welcome, from any side

Just another reminder, JEWS speak for others as though they represent groups instead of only themselves. It's one of the ways to identify these kikes, they literally can't stop themselves from doing this. I did a post about this a few weeks ago and every. single. time.


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There was a thread on there where the JIDF was playing proxy games and posting gif's and webm's as an Aussie of Juba the Israeli sniper shooting our soldiers in Iraq. Pretty fucked up shit. Most of /pol/ was on to it was was calling them out for their Jewish tricks


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Woah wait what. This post made me register just to reply to this.

I was in Iraq, and we legit lost dudes because of this Juba faggot. He was a big fucking problem all around Baghdad.

He was fucking israeli!?


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I would agree that Voat is already filled with 95+% red-pilled users (we still have some Reddit Refugees and Bern-out Bros who might have stopped browsing after creating an account, or shills like @HenryCorp rejecting the Red Pill from their own little safe space subverses)...

...but who the bloody fucking HELL does that "JBmj/XWZ" (((Marxist cuck))) think he is by claiming to know what "extremism" even is, let alone trying to ban "extremists from both sides" from a website THAT IS FULLY DEDICATED TO "FREE SPEECH" IN ALL OF ITS FORMS?!?!?!


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He's a Jew, and just like their instinctive nature to suck on baby penises and rape children, they feel a necessity to speak on behalf of others. This stems from their false belief (they fall for their own lies) that they are smarter than everyone else and thus feel required to speak for them as they assume people are too stupid to come up with their own thoughts and opinions.

Watch for this when reading any article, post or listening to commentary on TV. If the person speaking/writing is attempting to speak on behalf of others, regardless if the words are coming out of a nigger, taco nigger or sand niggers mouth, it's a Jew.


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Good point! Should crop a few examples together and put it on


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It has been a /pol/ meme through the ages, the infiltrator tries and fails to represent proper culture/knowledge.


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