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Me neither. I saved it because i thought it was interesting to see an outside view looking in. Didn't know we had such a reputation

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Lots of truth here. Like a few years ago I was making youtube videos about racism in our criminal justice system, and I still believe some of what I put in those videos, but today I'm like "allying with white supremacists to stop the end of western civilization is the right thing to do".


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I mean wtf at least the boomers had the excuse of ignorance

A massive amount of our defense budget goes towards disinformation, media control, online troll farms, sock-puppet armies, and manipulating minds via social media.


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Quite frankly voat isn't that "far right"

It absolutely is, lol, with a smattering of retards here and there that are extreme in one direction or another that cancel each other out.


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It's interesting seeing an outside opinion of voat, that isn't hate filled for the sake of being hateful.

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