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Me neither. I saved it because i thought it was interesting to see an outside view looking in. Didn't know we had such a reputation


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Quite frankly voat isn't that "far right"

It's people outside who still don't fully realize the magnitude of the shit quake we're about to go through

15 years from now it'll be fucking anarchy all over the place, I mean look where we are at from western europe to the US already, politically, financially, militarily, demographically, it's not going to get better, it's going to get much fucking worse

Think sweden, think france, think UK, think immigration, the US border, the fucking democrats and their fake votes, the captured MSM promoting "end of white male supremacy", recession, persecution of the president's voter base, trillions of dollars gone, poof it's gone, who knows who cares, next

And don't start me on NATO

I mean it's crazy shit bizarro world there are no breaks, like fucked up has become new normal, wtf are we doing in syria again? Yeah, what about that... And the fucken mass voter frauds, and the fucken targeting of political opponents by the IRS, and the fucken state that can't even enforce its fucken immigration policies and borders, and the fucken 20 trillion public debt, and the rampant pedo stuffs all over the place, and the fucken creeping shariah, acid attacks, trans kid lactacia, and the fucken kikes promoting and defending all those shits and more, oh yeah, what about them

Did I mention "our ally" saudi arabia? Morale high ground principles and all that

I mean wtf at least the boomers had the excuse of ignorance


How do you reverse that, how do you fix that mountain of shit with some same as usual shit tier middle ground centrist bullshit? You don't. Only radical stances can bring the necessary radical changes


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Lots of truth here. Like a few years ago I was making youtube videos about racism in our criminal justice system, and I still believe some of what I put in those videos, but today I'm like "allying with white supremacists to stop the end of western civilization is the right thing to do".


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I mean wtf at least the boomers had the excuse of ignorance

A massive amount of our defense budget goes towards disinformation, media control, online troll farms, sock-puppet armies, and manipulating minds via social media.


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Quite frankly voat isn't that "far right"

It absolutely is, lol, with a smattering of retards here and there that are extreme in one direction or another that cancel each other out.


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It's interesting seeing an outside opinion of voat, that isn't hate filled for the sake of being hateful.

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