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Lol i saw no difference, and I was up late

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Me neither. I saved it because i thought it was interesting to see an outside view looking in. Didn't know we had such a reputation

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Quite frankly voat isn't that "far right"

It's people outside who still don't fully realize the magnitude of the shit quake we're about to go through

15 years from now it'll be fucking anarchy all over the place, I mean look where we are at from western europe to the US already, politically, financially, militarily, demographically, it's not going to get better, it's going to get much fucking worse

Think sweden, think france, think UK, think immigration, the US border, the fucking democrats and their fake votes, the captured MSM promoting "end of white male supremacy", recession, persecution of the president's voter base, trillions of dollars gone, poof it's gone, who knows who cares, next

And don't start me on NATO

I mean it's crazy shit bizarro world there are no breaks, like fucked up has become new normal, wtf are we doing in syria again? Yeah, what about that... And the fucken mass voter frauds, and the fucken targeting of political opponents by the IRS, and the fucken state that can't even enforce its fucken immigration policies and borders, and the fucken 20 trillion public debt, and the rampant pedo stuffs all over the place, and the fucken creeping shariah, acid attacks, trans kid lactacia, and the fucken kikes promoting and defending all those shits and more, oh yeah, what about them

Did I mention "our ally" saudi arabia? Morale high ground principles and all that

I mean wtf at least the boomers had the excuse of ignorance


How do you reverse that, how do you fix that mountain of shit with some same as usual shit tier middle ground centrist bullshit? You don't. Only radical stances can bring the necessary radical changes

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It's interesting seeing an outside opinion of voat, that isn't hate filled for the sake of being hateful.

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Same. The most I saw was a new account called @fatpeoplehateblows who was posting on a few front pagers demanding that all of voat go over to v/fatpeoplehate and "tell them to fuck off for making fun of Sarah Sanders" and that he was a "proud White fat person". He tried to appeal to our patriotism by making it sound like Sanders should be above criticism.

I of course replied with "You won't find much sympathy here, my fatass White friend. And Sarah could stand to lose a few pounds."

These idiots are a gift that just keeps giving.

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Lol thats some 1/10 trolling

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Don't make fun of @fatpeoplehateblows. I seen that soy boy lick a dogs asshole clean. He's looking for fresh meat and got worms to share.

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I thought everybody already came here for news and /pol/ for dank memes.

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Yeah, I go to /pol/ for a short bit every day, mainly to see what's going on over there and to look at the dank "/pol/ humor threads." /pol/ gets old pretty quick though because of all the bullshit that's there. /k/ is pretty great though.

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That's because they very likely didn't do much. All kinds of shit gets posted to 4chan /pol/ that dosen't get acted upon. It's become so engulfed by bot threads, shill threads, and new users, that it's almost completely usesless. It's honestly probbably more useful to the administrators datamining it than the userbase.

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Is 8Chan any better, or is there any other alternative besides Voat and the Chans that I don't know about?

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The following comment,

we already redpilled. extremist aren't welcome, from any side

Just another reminder, JEWS speak for others as though they represent groups instead of only themselves. It's one of the ways to identify these kikes, they literally can't stop themselves from doing this. I did a post about this a few weeks ago and every. single. time.

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There was a thread on there where the JIDF was playing proxy games and posting gif's and webm's as an Aussie of Juba the Israeli sniper shooting our soldiers in Iraq. Pretty fucked up shit. Most of /pol/ was on to it was was calling them out for their Jewish tricks

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Woah wait what. This post made me register just to reply to this.

I was in Iraq, and we legit lost dudes because of this Juba faggot. He was a big fucking problem all around Baghdad.

He was fucking israeli!?

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I would agree that Voat is already filled with 95+% red-pilled users (we still have some Reddit Refugees and Bern-out Bros who might have stopped browsing after creating an account, or shills like @HenryCorp rejecting the Red Pill from their own little safe space subverses)...

...but who the bloody fucking HELL does that "JBmj/XWZ" (((Marxist cuck))) think he is by claiming to know what "extremism" even is, let alone trying to ban "extremists from both sides" from a website THAT IS FULLY DEDICATED TO "FREE SPEECH" IN ALL OF ITS FORMS?!?!?!

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He's a Jew, and just like their instinctive nature to suck on baby penises and rape children, they feel a necessity to speak on behalf of others. This stems from their false belief (they fall for their own lies) that they are smarter than everyone else and thus feel required to speak for them as they assume people are too stupid to come up with their own thoughts and opinions.

Watch for this when reading any article, post or listening to commentary on TV. If the person speaking/writing is attempting to speak on behalf of others, regardless if the words are coming out of a nigger, taco nigger or sand niggers mouth, it's a Jew.

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Good point! Should crop a few examples together and put it on


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It has been a /pol/ meme through the ages, the infiltrator tries and fails to represent proper culture/knowledge.

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/pol/ raiding us is just a friendly visit, don't ya know? They blend in well

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Some of them might even turn into regulars if they weren't already.

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damn....there was this awesome video animated with 80s vibe music, it shows a scrawny kid getting redpilled on his computer and he gets accepted by alt right chads and gets buff, they go into a school and turn purplehaired nose ring chicks into wholesome christians with morals....its one of the best videos ive ever seen aside from murdoch murdoch stuff. it was posted here about 2 weeks ago

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I mean... like 99% of us are from /pol/ or regularly visit. This could have only been a bunch of kike shills who don't understand things.

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hmm... you say you are representing a group but only really representing yourself. That sounds like a jew trick.

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4chan raider:

"Niggers commit all the crime! Jews control the media!"


"Dude, this is a repost."

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Quick! Let's raid reddit with leftist material and tumblr with feminist articles.

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Dear anontards,

Next time, please raid Voat with far left material so we'll notice you're here.

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I remember when someone from the Cuckold (the Donald on Eddit) said, "Voat is like 4chan cranked up to 11." Don't ever change, Voat.

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only because 4chan is a sad shadow of its former self

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Really? Does that means Voat is not safe and might become a shadow of itself?

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I for one welcome a "raid" that drops right-wing facts.

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Right? That's like a chance for me to bookmark some HQ shit. gets the old pecker harder than a jew's nose in a gas chamber.

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Gotta watch for when @Crensch gets into a posting mood. Have a shitload of his material saved from my old account.

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Further right wing than /pol/

I'm so proud of you faggots.

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Not the hugest milestone if we're talking about 4/pol/.

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Not huge.... voat is a good level 11.

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HONORARY VOAT JEW checking in... even Jewish folks on Voat are more far right than POL. POL makes my dick soft... we need the spicy pepper in this bitch!

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