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Small children are better at using crewed weapons than they are at using your average firearm. That does not mean such guns are best crewed by them as opposed to being crewed by adults. I personally favor teaching my kids to fire crewed, indirect fire weapons (primarily mortars, but also small artillary) because of the instructional value of the mathematics and physics involved which they must master to do it right.

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I have always found a pool table to be a great tool for working with physics for kids, even if you don't use cues and just roll the balls around. you can talk about angles and transfer of force all while moving colored balls around and playing a game (by pool rules or make up your own with the kids)

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...also children make terrible nuclear attack submarine commanders. just sayin'.

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I'm assuming this is a reference but I'm just not getting it, did this happen at some point or is it a book/movie/game?

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No, it was just a non sequitur.

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You are trying to trick us. There are strategic nuclear submarines and there are attack non-nuclear submarines. Kids are obviously only well suited to command the latter.

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Plus, you know, kids are a renewable resource. Just sayin'.

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Didn't work well for Germany. They had children man things like their AA.

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well i guess given the choice of children or unmanned shooting it at least draws attention so one of the well manned ones might bet bombed a bit later and do more damage even if you ultimately don't win.

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Oh, they weren't that bad at it. They turned it into a bit of a game, scavenging plane parts afterwards.

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To be fair, I think Germany’s problems began long before they had children manning crewed weapons. Still, the little fuckers clearly weren’t good enough to fix the problems their parents got them into. World War II is essentially the story of a inferior German race being led to ruin because of delusions of grandeur.

I don’t know why we let them survive after they got all uppity again after the Great War. They have been a weak link in the West ever since. If we had not allowed them to reconstitute, the biggest weakness would have simply been the cheese eating surrender monkeys. And if they had had more pride seeing Germany destroyed, maybe they wouldn’t have become an advance outpost of the Islamic jihad.

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Oh, they weren't going to save Germany. They were well and truly fucked.

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Someones still gotta carry that machine gun to where it needs placed. And they are heavy.

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Red Rider Wagons was MORE than likely designed for children to move machine guns. trust me on this

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hmm the comic appears to start in 1938. If the wagons were made by 1940. Welp. That's not a terrible theory.

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A gang of 20 children could carry it.

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Wheels, have the 20 push or pull it.

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"Think of the children!"

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