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Armyfag here. Women in the military was the worst idea ever, which is exactly why the kikes pushed for it. Men are historically and traditionally the warrior class for a fucking reason.

I've seen first hand the level of "quality" of female soldiers. Women that can't even do a single pull up, yet are expected to climb up a wall in urban combat. Women that don't know their job cause they, and I fucking quote, "sucked off my instructor in AIT (army job training after basic combat training) so he'd pass me". Other women that didn't even have to whore themselves out, they actually failed their evaluations but were pushed through anyways after "retraining", aka just given the answers to the test.

In one of my old units, there was this whore that slept with her team leader & squad leader, and flirted with the married first sergeant (1SG). She routinely showed up late or not at all, did fucking nothing at work except flirt with those three fuck heads, and was a general cunt. She was a coalburner too, cause the team leader was a nigger. If anybody tried to admonish or punish her, she'd go crying to the three stooges she had wrapped around her fingers. The Platoon sergeant (PSG) was wise to her though, she tried to flirt with him too, but he had none of it. He couldn't punish her except for immediate corrective actions ("drop and give me 50" cliche) cause the 1SG would push his shit in, but what he could do and nobody could stop him was fuck her career. Every month he'd give her a shitty monthly counseling (periodic review of a soldier's performance, monthly for junior soldiers, quarterly for NCOs and officers), along with a non-promotion counseling (to be promoted you have to be approved by your entire chain of command, if anyone along the line says no you don't go to the promotion board). Those stay in your record for the whole time you're with a unit. So after the PSG left, despite the 1SG's insistence, the new PSG continued to deny her promotion based on the mountain of negative counselings against her. It wasn't until shortly before I left the unit a few years later that she was allowed to go to the promotion board, cause by then the team leader, squad leader, PSG and 1SG were all gone and replaced. When the second PSG left her counseling packet "disappeared", so there was no record of her fuckery.

Sorry, that was a bit of an anecdotal rant, I'm a little drunk.


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Females in the military are all whores. Every single one of them. No exceptions.