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I'm okay with this. Why? Because those people in high paying jobs that actually requires thinking just became the next decade's very wealthy people and just got a lot of job security. If you're so stupid that you have to rely on 30% to pass, you don't deserve anything better. Better yourself, do better.

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I'm right there with you, but most of those actually smart people are white and with diversity requirements, most companies are more than fine firing successful people in favor of retards with the correct complexion. Those companies will eventually fail if they take it too far, but large enterprises can hide a lot of incompetence on the backs of a few geniuses.

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The diversity requirements aren't going to last for much longer. Once companies start to fail they'll start choosing candidates for merit over skin color once again.

I give it another few years. This forced diversity bullshit is already on the way out.

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Since companies are keen on profits for shareholders (they all seem to think that their first responsibility is to the shareholders), diversity requirements are going to bomb profits. They'll eventually remove them.

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When the word 'diverse' pops up in literally anything you can be 100% guaranteed it is now deeply marred with lunacy.

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In DC being black is enough to graduate high school. You don't even have to show up. Just have the automated records roll through the computers (designed by white men) and you get full credit.

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Those niggers that mugged me in Penn Station were SURELY stupid (as usual) niggers. Why do niggers and Mexicans think so much of themselves? It's puzzling me. I totally beat the living dog snot out of them, but going in, they THINK they are such bad asses. They are JUST LIKE women.,

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Because they all have high school diplomas that they achieved by passing exams with 30% correct?

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They were raised entirely by women, so....

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Liberal politics calls their mom's heroes. Fornication is a valid recreation, even a need. The consequences of the STUPID should NOT be visited on the prudent. That is NOT Biblical. You SHUN evil, you are NOT to support it.

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Single motherhood is a cancer, and niggers doesn't see why they turn out as utter failures.

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And of course libtards want free college on top of this.

Being indoctrinated and shoved through a useless education system from age 1 to age 30 at the minimum.

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HS diploma is now a participation trophy, congrats.

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And it's just algebra

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anything less than an 80 is failing in not-clownworld

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D's used to be failing.

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i wouldn't want them gardening for me. They can work fields or something, or just starve.

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(((They))) are happy

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