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worst part is French isn't even a kike. just a third-rate shabbos goy. he even adopted an ethiopian niglet for extra cuck points.

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Just like other billions of libtard goys who "identity politics" retards love to give free passes to.

People need to stop being in denial of the existence of millions of race traitors aka whites who are pro-white genocide. Adopting someone from Ethiopia should be enough proof of treason. He should be lynched.

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Borders for Jew, but not for you.

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links to both articles?

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You have the article titles above, do a quick internet search.

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Maybe he had a radical change of mind in the month between articles?

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Lmao, the author of the article is the faggot that (((Bill Kristol))) tried to run for President as the ultimate anti-Trump.

Not only was he a terrible candidate, but he is an even worse journalist. Hard to believe that the man is a veteran.

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Rules for thee, not for me!

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The only things (((they))) get right is that national identity and a border are important.

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God Damn them. It's all part of their plan.

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