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I remember a lie I was told when growing up: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Nope. Beauty is objective, and is a reflection of God.

This perverted ugliness is the inversion of that. So it is no surprise that she calls herself a Satanist. But if physical ugliness is the inversion of God, how much more so is moral ugliness?

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I wonder about God and tats sometimes.

Is God down with the tattoos? There's people I know who are mad religious, they have some pretty sweet tattoos depicting biblical stories. I wonder about that.

There's probably something in the scripture I could find...

Well there's something in the old testament against tats, but Jesus said the old ways were no more and there weren't any other mentions of it in the new testament... So?

As a man with limited knowledge, I can only say, who knows.

I remember a lie I was told when growing up: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Nope. Beauty is objective, and is a reflection of God.

Yeah weird you mention that because I was at a vape shop getting some liquids and the register geek was a satanist. You see I play some music, look gruff, so he starts chatting it up about hardcore and metal - which I'm cool with.

But then he takes this weird turn into how he's a satanist and how he attends "underground satanic hip hop shows".


But I remembered the ol' cannibal corpses and the napalm deaths and the cradle of filths and the insane clown possees (possii?) and the whatnots, so I'm like mild face mouth closed slight nod I'm not really interested but I'm still standing here looking at you and he switches the big ass tv on the wall to some silly tripe.

It's reaaaal juicy. White kids in the woods trying to summon demons with cgi fire coming out of their hands.

[Which stop, if I was selling out in a gimmick group I would totally want a video where I shoot hadokens and kamehamehas and shit]


But now off the tangent back to your comment (this was all backstory, you fool!)

I remember a lie I was told when growing up: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Nope. Beauty is objective, and is a reflection of God.

He switches to another "satanic artist" who's some chick - ugly as true sin. Just BWA ugly man. Bowser's ugly half daughter he had with Barbara Streisand. She was stuck in a cage singing with three pounds of makeup on her horse face surrounded by swat guards with mp5's?? I know. It was bad man.

But this kid behind the counter is like "Oh my God, she is so hot.".

And in my head I'm like (Your God????)?

How could anyone find this she-beast attractive???

Is it because the kid beholdeth the beauty uniquely to himself?

Or is it because, as you say, they are both removed from God?

He was a cool kid you could tell he was a little naive and a nice person and I didn't want to blow him up with a bunch of I'm going to save you shit. I could have talked about Jesus. I could have put on some Chuck Missler and Ravi Zacharius. But something told me to just try again another day.

As much as I wanted to tell him how stupid and hollow it all was, I am not perfect and won't force some blaspheme just to try to speak up for God and Jesus. I am a "man" with limited conceptual scope; They are strong enough to insert themselves. If it comes naturally, then good, I'm talking with the help of God. If not, I feel like a cheese ball - and that's not genuine.

Good shet.

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Well there's something in the old testament against tats, but Jesus said the old ways were no more and there weren't any other mentions of it in the new testament... So?

It doesn't mean everything just goes out the window. Example, homosexuality is explicitly stated to be an abomination. Eating shrimp is not, they were just instructed not to do so. There is a difference between a parent saying drugs are bad and not to touch a hot stove.

Tattoos may not explicitly fit this mold but we can also look at verses such as Cor 6:19

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

Hard to imagine you would go up to a temple which is not your own and start carving designs into it without explicit permission, religiously themed or not, and call it glorification.

People who do such things and say "God is chill he'll understand" do not have the fear of God, which the Bible also speaks at length about in high regard. If you screw up but your head is in the right space it will probably be treated much differently. Since I was saved by the Lord I removed all of my piercings and will never get a tattoo. What's it worth to you? For me, a lifetime let alone an eternity with our father is priceless.

I respect God enough not to carve up his most precious gift to us. I still smoke and that definitely makes me an asshole but I'm getting there, I hope.

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If you want a tattoo, get it. If you don't want one, don't get it. Bringing all the god shit into it is complicating everything for no reason.

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I don't know what the christian god has to say, but Adam of Bremen (Adamus Bremensis) described the vikings as being covered with tattoos from head to feet. If you want to come to Valhalla with the rest of us, you should be just fine getting a tat.

Personally I wouldn't. I also don't like women with hooker stamps.

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Satainists are ugly as sin (hahahahahah...) If only there were one or two that looked like Satana, but there is too much overlap with the morbidly obese, colored hair, SJW filth. Add a few ridiculous facial piercings and really stupid tattoos and you have Satanists

Even LaVey's daughters are nothing to hoot about- Zeena looks like a bitchy high school teacher and Karla looks like the perpetually single secretary downing margaritas at TGI Fridays

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I was thinking M2F

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"beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

I think this is more of a subjective thing, some guys like cute girls and others prefer sexy girls. Sorta that thing. In no universe is that thing attractive

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I wanted to argue with you on some other reasoning.. im agnostic.. but im pretty sure in my agnostic world view me ans you and whatever god is out there would agree this is the face of satans asshole and is a giant pile of of shit of a human being on every level imaginable... it could show up at an antifa george soros hillary clinton sponsered rally and 99 percent of the people there would look at this steaming pile of shit and gasp "what the fuck is that"!!!!!

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That's a lot of effort put into keeping people away.

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Yet they are on a dating website.

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they kept people before, this was just to have a justification for it, they couldnt rationalize before why people kept away from them

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Shoot it with a silver bullet at midnight on the 4 th of july is only way to kill it

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Put it in a chamber with your username coming out the nozzles.

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Gonna have to double gas this fuckin creature komrade

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The thing is bald though, what is a delousing treatment gonna do?

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Be sure to burn the bones afterwards to avoid a vengeful spirit.

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Good thinking.

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Would make some killer lampshades.

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Some faggot think that this abomination deserve human rights.

That's why we're in this mess in the first place.

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Degeneracy has no apex. The levels don't go up. Peak degeneracy is a myth.

It is, in fact, a bottomless abyss.

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what's with the racist black face?

what's with the /v/FUCKYOUDAD posts in whatever?

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Exactly. It’s parents must be so proud.

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The words these freaks use to describe themselves is DISTURBING.

The self-hatred just fucking oozes off of them. It's not self-deprecation, it's genuine "I'm an asshole who fucks everything up and nobody likes to be around, and I'm proud of that!"

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Personally, I think the worst part is he/she's 32 and works at Spencer's.

The fucking gag gift store in the mall.

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Retail, fast food, plant nurseries... every time I see 40-50 year olds working there, I always wonder about the life story of the person. How can you be working for $7 an hour at that age? At no point in the prior 30 years did the person think they should learn a skill or trade?

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People crash and burn sometimes. Drugs, mental illness, stupidity, or whatever. Next time you see one, ask them how they ended up working there.

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I would not buy a whoopie cushion from this thing.

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