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This is a PERFECT example of deliberate dumbing-down. That question's wording is completely nonsensical. The only way it could be made any worse is if they wrote it in Ebonics!

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I thought drugs had finally taken the toll on me.


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What's gross is how much faster children in other developed nations progress their students through learning, compared with the U.S.

I can remember learning long division and division tables in 2nd grade. Now, I believe they are getting to these topics in the 3rd grade in the U.S. I could be wrong.

But the conservative estimates I've heard are that asian students are typically reaching topics a full year earlier than our students. Hmmm, I wonder what's holding us back? Maybe having to accomdate for low IQ groups so the schools can pass them and not appear rayciss.

I think the most detrimental aspect of all this is not even the fact we are hitting topics later, but how we are teaching solutions. Common Core teaches the most ridiculous abstractions, and the way other nations teach mathematics, for example, is far more effective. We are teaching our kids - no matter how bright - at the lowest common denominator so everyone can be special. What idiots think this is good for the group?

Also, the prompt itself literally makes no sense. How can you teach a child to be more intelligent with instructions that don't even create a coherent problem?


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The goal isn't to have actual educated, young people. The goal is to force everyone to be as dumb as a rock, so that massive power grabs and tyranny are more well accepted. It makes way more sense when you look at it from a genocide/intentional evil angle


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This is true.

My wife is a maths teacher (we are in Australia) at what is considered a relatively good school. What they are required to teach in year 10 for example, is what we covered in year 7 or 8 back when we went through school.

For our own son, we are teaching him separate to what he learns in school. For maths, we are following the Singapore curriculum.


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They aren't gonna give you the tools you need to overthrow them.


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I was in Jr High in 1984. I was so fucking bored at school I used to cause shit in the classroom just to get kicked out...I used to skip classes because I had more interesting shit to do sometimes

One week I was so bored I completed the whole math book within that 5 day period. After I turned in the 80 or so teacher and me made an agreement.

I did not have to come to class AT ALL...except for her test days and the state testing days. I went to class all of 30 days and still passed the grade


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And that's the goal. The grade becomes completely subjective, parents are alienated and unable to help with their kid's homework. Merit is further demolished for the sake of the progressive agenda.


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Now everybody can do da maff.

No wrong answers.