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Here is the original article: http://archive.is/zONOR

I replaced "men" with "jews", "women" with "germans", "feminism" with "nationalsocialism", "masculinity"/"mra"/"red pill groups" etc. with "zionism" or "judaism" and "gender" with "race". I also added triple brackets around some names for authenticity.

Otherwise this is article is very true to it's original. A few sentences here and there do not make much sense but overall it turned out great. It's even funnier because Harvey weinstein and eric schneiderman do have jewish origins.

I rarely browse other websites than voat, if you are active on any social media consider saving and sharing this. I think this a good redpill for normies to show them how extremist and hostile the mainstream has become. It's just that their open hostility is socially acceptable and thus not even noticeable to most people.


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The left wing media complains about hate speech, but seem to be passionate supporters of it when it suits their own ideology.


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Very creative


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"Men Kampf" lives again!