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So I'm going to skip the cook, clean, ect. arguments people make about women now a days to address an even more core problem with modern women.

The modern woman is an indecisive tantruming attention seeker who acts in deception and malice. Are there exceptions? Yeah, but on average ever since normies got dating apps that de-stigmatized online dating and social media started giving women validation with 0 effort modern women are genuinely only good for their cunt and now no longer feel a need to properly learn how to use it. Women no longer have to question if they did something wrong or they are the problem because they can seek attention from digital likes and block anyone who tells them anything that makes them ever feel bad ever.

It's effected men to, but the fuck boi to thot ratio isn't even close. Men also eventually abandon the platform and go elsewhere, using these things as tools to an end, not a reason to live. Women live off social circles and to leave an addictive one is like asking her to quit meth cold turkey.