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Fuck you stupid fucking niggers.

Nationalism is just bankers getting Americans (or other fucking niggers) to fight their wars.

Nationalism is bullshit, our forefathers weren't fucking patriotic in the means that we see patriotism today.

Patriotism today is fascism, a bunch of nigger Americans who think they get to vote (that it counts) and think they're free. No, you stupid fucking faggots. You're only free to do as the bankers please. Every bullshit patriotism from the military at the football games to the fucking anthem was created to give nigger slave solders enough mind control so that they would fight to make the world as the bankers see fit, a one world government.

Congratufuckinglations fuckfaces. You have achieved nothing and the totalitarian state is only inches from smiting this fucking planet with more technological weapons than imaginable and enough drones to blow the fucking world a part 3 times over.

I hope you all starve to death and die

You will all die before you breathe a breath of air while "free".


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I see what you're saying about these ideologies being two sides of the same coin in the end. So what's your solution? I'm too lazy to read back through all your posts to figure it out.


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I guess the point is that the only purpose of nationalism in America is to convince us to go overseas and continue this war and the huge military budget that is totally unaccounted for in the trillions, as in trillions of dollar that went into the military could not be explained on how it was spent.

Main things we need to do as a country...

End the two party system/get money out of politics/change first past the post voting system.

End the fed, and the income/direct tax

End direct election of senators and put them back on state payroll

End electronic voting, almost no other country is dumb enough to trust machines they cannot verify the votes counted on.. (see hacking democracy on yt) Or make it totally verifiable like blockchain.

Destroy the patriot act. End asset forfeiture, end the drug war.

Close 90% of agencies since the 70s. Close the CIA and FBI down.

Break up the big telecoms/restore net neutrality.

Break up the banks

Get rid of real estate taxes...

There many important things to do, probably need to get money out of politics AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! and at least restore paper ballots. Much harder to vote flip paper ballots.