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Go ahead and downvote me you stupid faggot.


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You did not earn your skin

No, but my family earned me and they deserve to see my pride in being part of them.

Go ahead and downvote me you stupid faggot.

Im not the one who originally downvoted you but hey, since you asked so nicely.


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pride is for the weak, especially when you nor your family accomplished being white, if that was what you're so proud of. It's stupid. Be proud of what you do, not what you are.

you can be happy about what you are, and that's the point. All this nationalism bullshit is used against you. A bunch of nationalist are dead, a bunch of proud soldiers and families that sent them off to fight a war for bankers and jews, that's what all your pride does.

Bunch of ignorant niggers think you can protect this country by bombing overseas. Then go over there to what "liberate" you've only turned nations into drug fields, ruins, dystopian nationalist, and slave defunct government states.

Eventually you'll help those bankers make a one world government, because the US is a dog war for profit and control, the people who run the news and this country controlling everyone opinions don't give a fuck about you and trump will let you down like obama did liberals you stupid cunts.

Good luck when the dollar dies faggots. Trump can't stop the fed/banks from wrecking the currency.