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Fuck those companies. Tax um till their dead!


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False dichotomy. Due to wildly self destructive trade practices foisted on the American people by treasonous politicians, not "many" but virtually ALL large US firms have been able to ignore their "CORE CONCERN" and chop legs and wings off the Golden Goose. Now, all of a sudden that CORE is for the first time in most CEOs lifetime an actual concern.

See, for the first people in the boats from the Titanic it was a huge inconvenience in an otherwise lovely ocean crossing. The average people stuck in steerage had a slightly different view of the day's events. The first corporations to turn their back on America reaped wealth beyond all expectations. And no visible harm was done. A few small towns that depended on weaving sweaters were destroyed, but no one cared: the price of sweaters went down 20% -- because East Asian slaves are not well paid!

Now as the last of the last have finally moved the last of the jobs out of American --- HOLY SHIT! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SEE THIS COMING?!

I do believe in free trade. Although I have NEVER seen or even heard of it being practiced. Global trade today is a zero sum game. EVERYONE else wins; America loses. FUCK Them. Let it burn. Sometimes you need a good forest fire to clear away the deadwood so something healthy can grow in the aftermath.