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Illegal alien

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Bubonic plague occurs naturally in the environment. Prairie dogs are known to have it. Heres a link about it in colorado. https://colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/plague

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Ground hogs carry bubonic plague in the western states.

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You’re correct. However, when it comes to the plague it occurs naturally in the environment. I live in Colorado. Very close to my home is a prairie dog colony that has tested positive for plague. Here is a link showing counties that have tested positive for bubonic plague. https://colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/plague

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Not only that, but the link says the source is from reddit. I guess it is a field hockey sweater.

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https://archive.fo/Nmv5g :

Bubonic plague: Child in Idaho has first human case in the state in 26 years - The Washington Post

'The child became ill late last month and, earlier this week, health authorities received laboratory confirmation that he had bubonic plague, Myron said. '

'The CDC states that those with bubonic plague may also experience swollen lymph nodes and that those with pneumonic plague may experience pneumonia along with chest pain, coughing and trouble breathing. '

'Bubonic plague is the most common form and known for causing swollen lymph nodes or buboes, according to the World Health Organization. '

'A boy in Idaho is recovering after contracting plague — the first human case in the state in more than two decades, health officials say. '

'Myron said human plague cases in the state are rare, with the most recent cases reported in 1991 and 1992. '

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