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damm... thats not some shady youtube nobody.

thats an ex cop well spoken in a suit talking to a dozen other well spoken, normal looking folks in suits and dresses.

Everyrhing abour this screams legit.

Things might be turning.

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gay youtube

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Sure hope so. It's time something changed for those spineless brittards who won't even stand up for their fellow brits when they're clearly wronged by the ((((justice system)))). All because he's a different political affiliation than they are, how disgusting. The guy literally reports on child rapists and gets sent to prison for longer than the actual rapists. Hope people wake up and start fighting back against corruption.

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Next day... "Ex Cop dies during a home invasion." or "Ex cop sent to prison for disturbing the peace."

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Jeez, where is this pressure coming from? You'd think the mayor was a Muslim or something.

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This man is brave, the serving cops usually take a dim view of anyone that speaks out. Regardless of serving or not. Sir We the People salute you !!

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=LAMcVquIe2o :

Police Whistle Blower " This Goes Right To The Top" - YouTube

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