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Am I the only one who sees this as a sign of just how worried the jews are getting? The thought of them wondering when the next kristallnacht will happen makes me smile.

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The very existence of JIDF is hilarious.

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The funny thing is the people they're hiring are complete fucking idiots.

It takes 2 seconds to see through the charade of a shill, and they're dumping millions of shekels into all this and it still fails because the amount of people who are against zionist Israel will always outnumber the thousands of people who are paid to praise it.

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The jews will be purged, i have no doubt, geographically they arent exactly safe, and then christians and muslims will fight over jerusalem.

I will take great pleasure in smelling them roasted for what they have done to the world

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All in the name of their religion that says all others are swine compared. Insanity

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Ok, but what's the picture of the day kids bottom right about?

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Damn I could be getting paid? Ma shekels.

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4chan is more 'antisemitic' than voat. https://imgoat.com/uploads/b160de1de8/116606.jpg

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Israel always has to kike up everything they touch

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The pogoms will stop when the jew is removed.

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