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/v/SavedYouAClick - Stay out of debt, question the definition of "income" (mentioned in passing), watch more InfoWars.

Your 1040v is a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, this is treasonous activity for a member of our Constitutional Republic to engage in. However, as a plantation slave with a birth certificate and a Social Security Number, you are obligated (read: it is your duty) to pay whatever taxes you owe.

Pay special attention to those italics. Internalize them, and notice who else uses that phrase. Tax evasion is illegal. Tax avoidance is discouraged. So discouraged, that there are 9-10 countries whose GDP is predominantly provided by tax shelters.

Alex Jones and his CIA assets only provide misinformation and powerlessness to people wanting solutions. No actual solutions or tips were actually provided in this video. Don't fall in that trap. Learn how to avoid taxes (hint: Incorporating in Nevis or Seychelles - no shareholder/director disclosure laws - is $2,000).

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I'd like to add to this and say that all the people who earn money on a W-2 need to read IRS pub. 505 and take your withholding and quarterly estimated payments into your own hands. Remember that the "refund" you get is for the most part money you earned and could have taken home right away (exceptions would be refundable credits like EIC/ACTC but I digress). Once you realize that the IRS gets an interest free loan from you every year you will look at this game in a much different way. We can make change just by being more proactive in your finances. Fight Fight Fight.

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Just skimming over the 505 it reads like an extortionist telling you exactly how much to give him when the time comes. How anyone can think of taxation as being nothing more than legalized theft is beyond me.

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If you find this interesting also look into http://originalintent.org Both, good stuff.