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Holy. Shit. Best thing I’ve watched all day. Bravo.

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David seems like an alright guy, a little weird but his approach to Islam is awesome and he does his reading.

He doesn't appear to call out the jew though, which is unfortunate.

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It's true muhamed was white but islam has always been extremely color blind to race. A muslim negroid slave has higher status than a white kafir. And a lot of people that were black slaves rose very high within islam.

There was also a class of slave soldiers, Mamluks, who had high status and could even travel to their homelands and visit their family. Some were white, some black. So "slave" didnt mean exactly the same as it means to us. Some slaves even became sultans. Https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mamluk

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Yeah but he fails to mention jews involvement in slavery in America.

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Because like everyone else, especially black people in this country, he was a tool and he didn't even know it.

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You could say "even a retard could see it."

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He's absolutely right. We should keep our people separate.

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Are you suggesting I should only mate with White/Asian women then? How do you define "my people"? Are you suggesting I am inferior based on statisical data showing degeneracy with White/Asians? Where is this evidence? I only seek truth and reality.

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If you are white and mix with an Asian then that is race traitor territory. Its no different than mixing with blacks. I know its been a trend for jewish men to mix with Japanese women. Go to Tokyo. It is rampant there. You see the hook noses walking around with little Asian women. I think we should stick with our own people.