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Ann Coulter the coal burner ?

Why should you take anything serious from a woman that doesnt respect herself ?

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as someone that has met hundreds of 11 year old murderers and younger gang members, and seen these kids gang beating the shit out of other kids as young as 5 with sticks, bottles and rocks... I fully support killing them all. They're fucked. Kill their entire families, they're all trash. Mexicans are like indians.

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...and they have most likely already been contacted by Soros' goons to supply them with whatever they need.

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What's worse than georges soros? Georges soros with MS13 face tattoos

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Ann Coulter tried to turn trump supporters against trump out of nowhere for no reason.

She then did hard damage control and sent shills to /pol/ on 4chan which failed miserably.

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Don't give a fuck, their original trainers were the same CIA/Military that trained the "Death Squads", who MS-13 broke off from, you think those officers didn't come home and train our troops and their friends and family how to keep them in check?