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I checked the data for 2018 out of curiosity, it's lower. BUT the chart was missing 2013. Couldn't get a link, but it had 2012 as the baseline, then started at 2014. Shouldn't all the ice be melted per the inconvenient truth?

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No, the ice increased because the high carbon dioxide levels puffed up the ice. Silly.

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Would melting sea ice or glacier melt potentially cause more of an ocean rise? If the sea ice is already floating in the water, would it melting have much of an effect?

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Ice that is floating should not effect the level if it melts. Ice that is on land (including both glacier ice and ice on continental land masses like Antarctica) should add more water to the ocean and so raise the level. But there are differing opinions on how much it would actually do so even if there were really a huge melting taking place, which there seems to be little evidence for.

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Life ended OCT 2013.