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What was the quote? Something like "Kill traitors before enemies."

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Something like that. Also, I'm sure Timmy Turner's Dad had a very good reason to hate (((Dinkleberg)))

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I've been saying this for fifteen years

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I also pity them

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Liberals are the real racists anyway. They think Mexicans, which they believe to be a race because they usually have darker skin (hint, Mexico is a country), that the dark skins should have fewer rights (by not being legal citizens) and should do the jobs "no one else wants to." Let that sink in for a minute

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Have you ever met a backwoods redneck liberal?? They really jerk my frog

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Whatever jerks your frog, man! I ain't judging!


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(((White))) liberals

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^This does not fit into my narrative and therefore every white goyim liberals are jews.

Precisely why mainstream conservatives look down on identity politics white supremacist and their "all whites are saints" delusion.