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Evil Putin recommends young women behave in a way that protects their self-interests. What an evil man!

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No force required. It was merely the government making a recommendation. The people are free to follow or disobey the recommendation.

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He doesn't look or act like the average nigger in the hood which is the first thing that should come into your mind when you heard the word "thug." I don't think that's a correct choice of word.

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Are you saying Putin crossdresses and pretends to be a woman named Tamara Pletneva?

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Yes. Trump dresses up and goes by Trixie Humpsalot and they braid each other's hair.

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I was hoping she would be attractive. She is not.

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Whores gonna whore.

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Russian mix with uk = el goblina

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Fuck off incel.

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That's the athletes fucking each other at the Olympics- nothing to do with the World Cup.

Did you know that frequent sex increases testosterone production in females? Sex is like a "natural steroid" for them, so while training and competing a lot of female athletes are fucking at every opportunity.

On the other hand, men experience (rather small) drops in testosterone from frequent sex. I believe this is a myth, but athletes and soldiers used to be separated from women before competition/battle in order to keep their aggression up.

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I think having sex does lower testosterone within men for a brief period, but after a time it rises to a higher than normal level. It doesn't stay elevated forever, but the elevation only occurs after having sex.

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I don't know about testosterone but it surely works for aggression

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I didn’t know that about women and sex.

Is it self-perpetuating in the sense that physical exertion (other than sex) increases sexual appetite?

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Dominant sex in men raises average test. But abstaining from sex or masturbation will cause it increase for about a week, after which it will return to normal, or below normal.

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Damn, that's unreal

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Look at this racist monster putin trying to prevent more single mothers in his country with no father to help raise their children.

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Should be a sign: Don't fuck the Niggers.

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oddly enough, the soviets used to bring in people from african countries for training, conferences, etc. The africans used to complain that the soviet women were not willing to sleep with them, only to be told that soviet girls did not have sex before marriage. The africans pointed out that the girls were certainly willing to sleep with soviet men, but not blacks. Since the soviets did not like to look racist, they had to tell the soviet girls to tone it down around the blacks.

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(they're teeming with GRIDS).

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Russians are niggers themselves. Look at the AIDS rate.

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They're not exactly niggers. But during communism, the Russian thief/gypsy subrace free enormously whilst normal, intelligent ruskies died off in gulag camps.

So there are a lot of Russian "niggers" in the world now

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fuck that, no russian gingers. just drunk potato monkeys.

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It used to be law that when a woman married a forigner, she would lose her citizenship and become a citizen of the husbands nation. We need to bring this back.

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In soviet russia government fucks you!

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I think that's pretty standard fare in most countries.

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At least wear a condom. All the dumb women I hear about that never have their partner wrap their tool because they are on birth control, and thats not just for long time partners but random one night stands as well.

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