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Ratings too, gee, I wonder fucking why? Isn't it odd that the groups that sympathize with the supposedly totalitarian and thought policing ideologies like Fascism allow the most freedom of discussion, and the supposedly enlightened, tolerant progressives restrict speech and thought in ways that would make Orwell shit his pants?


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Anyone's thoughts of Jordan Peterson aside, watch the responses from Bill mahers panel if you can stomach it.:

If only you were more enlightened and intelligent like them, you would understand. Mind you, the first guys claim to fame is writing a gay cookbook, and the bitch afterwards did culture blogs or some shit


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What a bunch of complete cunts. I love how they are insulting Trump supporters the entire time even while they are saying they aren't and while that was a big part of the conversation. I can't wait till he wins 2020. Fuck all of these people.


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thoughts of Jordan Peterson

The jewish supremacist, you mean? Why do we care?