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Ratings too, gee, I wonder fucking why? Isn't it odd that the groups that sympathize with the supposedly totalitarian and thought policing ideologies like Fascism allow the most freedom of discussion, and the supposedly enlightened, tolerant progressives restrict speech and thought in ways that would make Orwell shit his pants?

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Anyone's thoughts of Jordan Peterson aside, watch the responses from Bill mahers panel if you can stomach it.: https://youtu.be/-0Rj7qcLu1A

If only you were more enlightened and intelligent like them, you would understand. Mind you, the first guys claim to fame is writing a gay cookbook, and the bitch afterwards did culture blogs or some shit

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Commie jew cowards KNOW they will get called out by the majority. Its time to bankrupt this company. I've seen this shit in the store and will throw it in the floor next time I see it. Maybe take a Sharpie and write AIDS on the bags

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if you do this, make sure you don't use a credit card or visit the store again. The kikes will be after you for hate crimes

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Good site

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when you stay calm you can accomplish anything

except having a husband and kids who look like you

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...and except having children who are civilized enough not to stand and put their dirty feet on an airport lounge seat. Or, you know, maintain a functional first-world economy and society.

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Husband? LOL

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Why bother with a husband when you can marry the state?

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I believe the technical term is "baby daddy"

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Another single mom? Reminds me if the one that was asked for proof the kid was hers. Maybe black guys are smart for not getting married especially to someone who would want them.

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I mean, look at the kids: they almost universally turn out to be retarded. Not too many people would feel as strong a need to stick around and raise those little retards if they can simply run away to keep living their current lifestyle.

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Busy mom is code word for single mom.

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Looks at those stupid nigger kids....sad sad sad

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Lol, this is so retarded.

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HAHA! Yes, it is.

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When your kids won't be as smart as their cousins.

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Is that white dude in the background carrying a purse?

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It's a men's carry-all. IT'S EUROPEAN!

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Is that white dude carrying a purse pregnant?

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The jews had to make him look weak and fruity

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Looks like. I would guess that it's his carry-on since he is at the airport, but it seems too small for that.

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