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"FEAR IS REAL" Fear Isreal?

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nice catch

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Thanks mr.shelkelstein

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Read the notables

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This is more believable than Q-LARP’s proven hoaxes, honestly.

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Trump internal monologue:

I will omit the letters 'I' and 'P' from my next tweet to get people to look up "Isanotski Peaks", an area I was flying by!

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Or was he peeing when he wrote it?

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This Q shit jumped the shark at least 6 weeks ago. BOOM Trust the plan. Think logically.

Arrests when. #LockHerUp

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I don't get that one I and P both appear in that tweet. Is Anon blind? Am I retarded?

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Stopped -> stoped

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Wait. So someone (mossad) tried to take out Air Force One with a middle launched from Alaska? Is that what I’m seeing here?

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yep, too bad they had to fly the missile across the US to do it.

our good ayy lmao friends shot it down.

edit: missile was meant for kim jung un's plane. ayy lmaos shot it down.

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too bad they had to fly the missile across the US to do it.

are you retarded? look at that picture again

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When you stare at random information, patterns emerge where there are none. You think "a ha! I've solved it!" But what has actually happened is something known as confabulation. You've been hacked.

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You’re seeing a proven jewish paid shill spamming a hoax seven months after being exposed.

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I don't know, this is too much.

Trump would be very vocal about an assassination attempt against him. EDIT: He recognizes the power of the people and knows that first they need to kill his reputation before they attempt to kill him. I know you may say they killed Kennedy, but Trump has a closer relationship with the people that Kennedy did, just because of his constant tweets. That is his leverage. That is why they have attempted to kill his reputation and shut down all his accomplishments. But it has all backlashed at them.

He is also pro Israel. I don't know if it is to keep the deep state and the synagogue of satan in "control" or if he really is pro the fake Israel.

But this seems too much, like hollywood movie stuff about spies and such.

I can't trust Q. Not because I don't knw who he/she is but because nothing that he has stated/predicted has been accurate in the near future.

This seems to be a psy-op to delagitimize the MAGA movement, conservatism and anyone that is against the synagogue of satan even more.

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nothing that he has stated/predicted has been accurate in the near future.

that's just not true. he called the public announcement of north/south korea meeting the night before it happened.

both POTUS and VP have used Q's words exactly in their tweets

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yeah i'd like to see that too

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Can you show me that please as I have not seen anything of the like.

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Go suck off Q-LARP back on reddit, you fucking jew.

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If MOSSAD really hacked a US missile and launched it at AF1, what would be the response? How could the public detect the response?

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I don't care if Bill's wife was pres, the repsonse is a nuke. Not so much for her but for the others on the plane.

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The missle photo was a time laps and there was a air ambulance going by at the exact time of the photo.


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The other thought that has to come to mind is that there would be eye witnesses, at least a few. The only evidence of a missile is from the image, and it really looks like it, but without a corroborating story, the helicopter explanation will remain the answer.

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