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I love it how they execute the guy in the 1st video, he was clearly giving up with hands up - but you don't fuck around with Brazilian police they don't take prisoners. He got shot like 5+ times before he finally collapsed.

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Libtards don't quite understand the concept of punishment. Punishment is supposed to be used as a deterrent early on in life. But when you forgo punishing bad behavior for so long, everything becomes a game of life and death. This is why South American countries are so full of violence and terror. It's now a requirement to deal with the lack of functional leadership created by permissiveness and lax standards. The buddy-buddy system of governance where everybody hugs it out and problems get solved by shaming criminals only works in the libtard's imagination. But society has to pay for this childish approach to life.

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That's the difference between believing in rehabilitation and not. Cop becomes judge, jury, and executioner.

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In Brazil, everything is a fight to the death.

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If only we could figure out how to do the same thing here, some sort of "Helter Skelter" race-war model where only the top Alphas remain as far as the male population, while anything less than an Alpha female is just a fuck-toy......

We could be nice and just break it down into tribes, not kill every "spare" Alpha male, and allow a few of the other tribes to almost make it......

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Brazilians don't believe in cover

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They must really believe in hospitals for them to shoot someone in one! Tons of people die in hospitals, shooting someone in there can't help!!

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LOL...I've seen this with gang v. gang shootings too in the US ..

One gang starts shooting then the other, members of both sides get hit. So they all go to the same hospital just to start up again. A regular shit show. I just hang back with my AR and get my popcorn ready.

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That’s nuts, but good job.

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The gang in question was the small yet fiesty Los Betas con Soy.