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The FBI has already lost all credibility..! They are Deep state operators its clear. Look at the judicial watch and Clinton tarmac meeting etc.. They are not for the people.

Live Nation entertainment not only produced the Bataclan Eagles of Death Metal event in Paris at which 137 people were purportedly slaughtered. They were also in Manchester at the bombing which killed 22 people there at an Ariana Grande concert as well as the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas which killed 58. That's like 210 - 220 people killed at Live Nation concerts so far. Maybe they should change their name to Dead Nation entertainment? So, the question is why haven't they been sued out of business? Oh, did you donate to the survivors fund? Be sure and do that and don't forget to catch the new HBO movie about the Eagles of Black Metal at The Bataclan. Michael Rapino is the Tibetan CEO of this 9 billion a year business. Can ANYONE EVER REMEMBER the suspects house not being immediately ransacked- I mean thoroughly searched by the police the day of or after a huge crime? Notice how schuck and compos interact? They act the same way Lombardo and the KGB- I mean FBI guy interact. Lombardo does not want to look at the FBI.The fbi puts his hand on lombardo. Compos does want to look at schuck. Schuck puts his hand on compos. What is background on schuck? Both lombardo and compos close their eyes when lying. I think it was Jesus Campos and Steven Schuck, seeing as they just so happened to be the only two people on the floor at the time of the shooting, and only ACTUALLY alerted anyone when it stopped. Would explain the 2 shooters, 2 busted out windows. Also, Jesus got shot in the leg ONCE? By a machine gun? Firing 200 rounds into the hallway? That sounds impossible, he probably self inflicted the wound with that revolver before or after shooting Paddock. Paddock would have had to been killed before the shooting, because the casings in his blood aren’t covered, they’re clean, so they had to have just fallen on top of the blood, if he was shot AFTER, the blood would be on the casings. Also, Schuck was a maintenance guy? If the stairwell was drilled shut, and Paddock did it, whoever was watching security cameras would find it suspicious, but if it was a maintenance worker, they wouldn’t mind it. It’s also weird that Jesus is sharing a social security number with a 1 year old that died in the early 90’s Even if it was a rouge operation.... the feds will cover-up just to save face.... I think your take is as close to the truth as anyone... Paddock was most likely a mule for the FBI or ATF.... Deal went bad, so they liquidate the mule.... MSM takes care of the rest... Goebbels would be proud... Shuck is an FBI agent and Camposes handler. If he really was a maintenance manager of Mandalay he would know what room the shots came from. He would know that hotel quite well. You are right about FBI staging events and losing credibility.I dont know which was more obvious the hoax in Las Vegas or Charlottesville.Either way more and more people are starting to see thru smoke and mirrors. Media is trying hard to push narrative but nobody believes fake news anymore.The wheels are coming off DEEP STATE its only a matter of time. I did notice the official story did not make sense because: 1) Casinos do not comp people who consistently make money at the casinos, and, 2) No one can consistently make money playing video poker. So, Paddock had to have been making money in some other way and laundering it at the casinos. I have to wonder if Paddock was working for the government in some function such that they wanted to eliminate him and it was "killing two birds with one stone" by eliminating him and in doing so using him as the patsy for this anti-2nd Amendment scheme