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Uh, yeah. YomnyYomnyUSoFine, you've been SPAMMING identical posts under the name of LobbyMcLobbibson and other fake accounts as well.

Your autism knows no bounds.

I now think it's possible that you work for the globalist elites, and are trying to get people to IGNORE what's happening to Tommy that people will IGNORE the Muslim violence and gang rapes in the UK. I'll say this again:

I saw the Zionist video. Tommy Robinson might be a subversively evil Zionist, or he might simply be a good man and useful idiot instead.....who hasn't taken the "red pill" (about globalist Jews) yet. Some mistakes are the result of ignorance, rather than malice. In Tommy's case, he's either a deceptively evil shill or a good man and useful idiot. I don't know the answer to that yet. But what's happening to him is morally and ethically UNACCEPTABLE, because if the government can arrest and imprison him for reporting on a Pakistani Muslim rape trial WHILE PAKISTANI MUSLIM RAPES KEEP BEING HIDDEN BY THE GOVERNMENT AND POLICE.......then they can inflict the same oppressive evil on anyone else.

This entire event sets a terrifying precedent for restriction of free speech, as well just overt OPPRESSION of the citizens of the UK. A shitload of PAKISTANI MUSLIM RAPISTS are given mere slaps on the wrist, while a citizen tries to report the news and is thrown into PRISON for it....where he will probably have to deal with multiple assassination attempts from inbred Muslim retards. And yes, the police and the courts know this.

It's pretty obvious that the Communist globalist Jews who control the police, politicians, and government of the UK are OPPRESSING and GENOCIDING the culturally Christian ethnic white natives of the UK. But "Zionist" or not, it still doesn't invalidate anything that Tommy Robinson said.

I used to be a "Zionist", until I came to the conclusion that "Zionism" actually means global Jewish supremacy (and white genocide)....and not just the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state. Since I morally reject white genocide, I cannot (in good conscience) be a "Zionist" any more. Everyone swallows the "red pill" at their own pace. It's quite possible that Tommy has not swallowed his own personal "red pill" (regarding globalist Jews) yet.

So stop autistically spamming bullshit. If you want to make a statement, then behave like an ADULT.....and create a new fucking thread about Tommy being a Zionist. Nobody is stopping you from doing that. But this spamming bullshit gets old, and makes me wonder if you're a paid SHILL with an agenda.

But whatever. Keep being a retard, if it makes you feel better.


[–] Bfwilley 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Goat-Master-5000 so Tommy Robinson is a paid subversive? And moslems are nothing but peace loving camel riders?

The islam religion, moslems are and have been proved to nothing more the a jumped up death cult with a thugocracy thrown in for grins and giggles. There isn't any debate the general public has been exposed to much, people are comparing the 18, 19 different versions of the murder/thuggery hand book called the koran and noted how it calls for lying, theft, kidnapping, ransoming, slavery and rape and murder.

People are noting that moslems are not even happy in moslem majority counties.

People are noting the current history and that in the past.

Goat-Master-5000 let's check the resent history.

Knife Attacks

Truck Attacks

Grenade Attacks

Boombing Attacks

Goat-Master-5000 how about we go historical?

The Religion of Peace? I don't think so.

Islamic Invasion Of India: The Greatest Genocide In History

Genocide of Yazidis by ISIL

The Biggest Holocaust in World History

Armenian Genocide

The long read Slaves of Isis: the long walk of the Yazidi women

When Isis rounded up Yazidi women and girls in Iraq to use as slaves, the captives drew on their collective memory of past oppressions – and a powerful will to survive. By Cathy Otten

Greek genocide the Pontic genocide

Assyrian genocide

The Jihad Against the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians

Oddly a lot of people have a problem with moslem's both the past and present. It's a given, moslem's do NOT play well with others or even them selves.

Goat-Master-5000 care to speak to any of this? Hey lets see how may times we can find kill or killing or a euphemism for it in the koran? Instructions on who to ransom or rape? You sound like a knowledgeably guy, what do you say?


[–] truthwoke33 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

He's a paid shill with an agenda. He will never respond to anyone's arguments except to waste your time so even if he does reply I implore you ignore him because anything he says is a lie and in bad faith.