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Ya know....I just have to say.

I think it's disgusting how in a crowd this size, in a western culture, these Brits still don't seem confident in speaking their mind. Yes, I skipped around to a few sections, only watched s few minutes, but for the love of God why are they not screaming "rape and murder! No more fucking Muslims! We're done! Free this man, now! I will not ever stop speaking until my country is rid of an invading army of rapists!!"

They are so timid by American free speech standards, it's pretty sobering. Americans are very different than Brits, and I dare say tougher. This is the final frontier of their demise and all their language seems so guarded and worried.

Edit: oh wait....I know why! They do not have an armed citizenry. Wow....think of that. They're actually entering a phase of kill or be killed and do not have firearms.

Damn Britain. You don't have guns. What the fuck are you going to do??


[–] lordvain2 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

They have been domesticated to the point that they think they have to ask for permission to have a revolution. When they finally realize just how fucked they will be, very soon, maybe they will come around.


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I definitely feel what you're getting at, but they did literally say all of those things. If you go back and watch through it you'll likely be quite happy with it.


[–] RKGIV 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Ok fair.

The spots I stopped at were boring and timid sounding.

But I skimmed so forget it. I'm gunna go make a quesadilla.


[–] bb22 ago 

To be fair they are naming Islam directly. I don’t understand the progression of communist UK laws but I understand people have been arrested for as much already.