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  • the frightening thing about this email is the fact that this woman genuinely and legitimately believed, for decades, that she was physically capable of going toe-to-toe with men". Thanks, Hollywood!

"So, there was one last special class to make that dark-colored belt; Punching/Kicking Class...."

" I was paired off with a small man, a short skinny ex-navy grunt, just my size. He pulled off one full force punch and I was on my butt and there were tears on my face. I got back up, took a deeper stance, and once again was back on the floor. I kept trying but it was obvious to me I wasn’t helping this guy practice his punching and kicking at all. So, I asked the instructor if I could just do the punching kicking practice but not hold the bag. He took me for a walk outside the studio. I have since learned that is a Bad Sign. He explained to me the point of the class was being able to take the punching and kicking, the point was to be able to hold the bag, to be able to take the punch. And I suddenly understood... "

"And I realized this whole time, I had been a minnow swimming with sharks. That most men could take out most women with a punch or two."

"The fact I was so shocked told me a bunch about how naive I was and how much the media lied about this. I suddenly had this whole new respect for most men; most of them were walking around with the ability to take down smaller folks; and they don’t."


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It's almost like there is a real reason why most men see hitting women as more severe than women hitting men.


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It's also why traditionally, men would backhand women instead of punching them.


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I would have to ask why this dumbass was going full force on a woman sparring...


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He wasn't. They weren't sparring. They were holding padded shields for the express purpose of getting hit hard during practice, so they could learn to handle the impact. She didn't understand the purpose of the exercise at first, they were simply told to hold the pad and brace for their partner to strike it and she was the first of the pair to hit the shield. When it was her turn she couldn't even stay up despite her partner being her own approximate size.