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Hey guys, I just thought I'd come clean and admit that I'm a communist. I don't think the workers should own the means of production, I don't think that there is anything wrong with being bourgeois, I don't believe in equality, I think that the owner of a company is totally entitled to higher pay than their employees, I think that Karl Marx was completely wrong, and that real communism has been tried and failed. But I'm totally a communist, so you should consider me to be a spokesperson, representative, and authority figure of the movement.


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This is exactly how lefties stole the word "liberal" about a century ago. Then real liberals had to create a new word to differentiate themselves from fake liberals -- that word being "libertarian." Now that people are catching up to "liberals" not being liberal at all, they're after the word "libertarian." We can't let them take this one.


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They would love to take the libertarian party, convince everybody that libertarians have no ideology. Then they can get a bunch of people who don't agree with each other anywhere in policy except for what the kikes pay them to support. Which is of course not too different from what we have now I suppose, but it could always be even worse.


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I'll fight you!