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I have no idea why, but voaters worship the palestinian savages.

Every time I mention that the world would be better off if BOTH the jews and the palestinians were nuked, I get downvoted and called an israeli sympathizer.

Voaters simply can't comprehend that calling out the palestinians for being low-IQ barbarians doesn't necessarily mean that I support anything the jews do.


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Because we are paying kikes to do kill them. Sand niggers arent our problem. They cant feed themselves, cannot build societies, theyre not even a real threat. Kikes however want us dead. Everyone not jewish.

But given how kikes have deeply entrenched themselves behind the armor of perpetual victimhood, one of the few ways to strike at them is to point at areas they are blatantly being the aggressor. Such as palestine.

Nuking the middle east is a waste of resources. Its a fucking desert. Turn the water off and it will dry up all on its own. Thats all we need to do. Stop supplying them.


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The only reason it should be an issue is because the kikes use our money in the form of foreign aid and military aid packages to purchase our weapons and then reverse engineer it and sell the plans or copies to our enemies, or use the tech to accelerate their own weapons and tech (mossad 8200).

Beyond that, who fucking cares? As long as they kill each other over there and don't bring their shit here, I wish them both the blessings of their respective gods and hope they have the honor to fight to the last man.


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