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I'm all about trad women. Believe me. They should be at home. My wife was home until the kids became a certain age. After going back to work my wife still handled everything in the mornings and was home before the kids in evenings so it all works out.

Ah, so you're a traditionalist who believes that women are at their best when maintaining a home environment?


Why does your woman have to have her own money?

When we first met. Had she been unemployed I would've never got with her. Its just my policy after dealing with fucking mooches who want me to pay their bills.

Wouldn't you rather provide the resources she needs in exchange for her devotion and her putting hard work into raising your children and keeping a good household?

I did after she had our children and stayed home with them. Of course.

there are actually women who are grateful to have a strong provider.

There probably are. After being with so many who just liked spending my money I started looking for women who already had a job or whatever.