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And this is why you are a good man: " I wont make that mistake again." RIGHT ON! PS, married 38 years, wife makes more than me. We have a joint account for joint bills which she pays. (ie, house bills like electric, water, gas etc) Her bills are hers (her car her insurance , new purse etc), my bills are mine (my car my insurance new guns and more ammo etc). Works great.


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i'll find a good lady again one day. I now know the warning signs. I consider this a lesson learned and fortunately I was able to heed the advice of others and avoid bigger mistakes. I kept myself in a position where I could walk from by making the small decisions I made along the way that allowed me to keep control of my finances. If I hadnt done so I would have never been able to cancel the credit card and save myself from what happened today. I am proud of myself for being consistent throughout the years without really even realizing it. Sure I was taken advantage of by lies of love and shit and whatever a girl will say to woo you. But at least when she was going to blatantly take advantage of me maliciously I was already ready and had my foot down because I already was sure shit was bad. Today only confirmed it for me. She didn't get to steal from me outright, I listened to my gut, took action, and she walked out. I absolutely won that one.