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Why would you not?


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The plurals in English are only written with an apostrophe in very rare cases. It's so easy: just add a fucking "s". The apostrophe shows a contraction like it's = it is and with regular plural IT IS ALWAYS 's'. I learned this in the second or third grade. I don't see how this is so fucking hard to understand.

I don't care if people don't know how to use a semicolon or use obscure words incorrectly that have odd spellings, that's pedantic and granted this is just a website for discussion - but not knowing that an apostrophe is not used for plurals, especially as a native English speaker, is lacking basic fucking literacy here. If you read books, actual books from literate people, it's impossible make such mistakes.

I find it really unsettling, I see this more and more and I know these people have English as a first language or their only language. These are supposed to be people in the "first world" who are expected to have basic literacy skills. Even if there are "summer 13 year olds" here, they still should know this basic shit.

I didn't post this to point out he's wrong - I honestly want to know what makes people decide to put an apostrophe in a place where there are next to zero cases it is used.


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Fantastically done, mate. Join me on my porch for some yelling at these damn kids outside making a racket and some iced lemon juice with honey? The wife adds a few fresh mint leaves ("her secret recipe"... but really something I suggested to her decades ago and she forgot about. I don't mention it to her though).