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They call it “on da down lo.” I hear it all the time when I get the joy of telling yet another diverse urban youf they have HIV. And believe it or not, that happens a lot in my ERs. We’re #4 (in the US)!


[–] OneTrueCube 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Pretty sure that's in reference to otherwise straight black guys having sex with each other, not children.

There is a perception that as long as your butt isn't the one getting filled that it isn't gay . Protection isn't used because that's like admitting they are gay.

Theres even a law and order episode with this premise


[–] SHRUGS 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Yes, on the down low means in the closet gay. Refer yourself to the current rap culture or any rapper under 40 yo. There are a few rap subculture level documentary type videos on youtube about this. Essentially, to be promoted as a rapper (entry level) you have to be initiated via homosexual acts. Raped by fags (old school gangsta rappers are pretty salty about it). This is how the Jews taught them through entertainment and prison culture that the power structure works, so now they do it to each other. Why do you think these "men" are running around buying each other $200k necklaces and $500k cars?! They are basically dating/romancing each other. They are ALL closet gays.


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Oh what the fuck.