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Because of California Law and the way the statute is written, a single school polaroid photo has actually been used to enforce child support of a kid that only first met the "presumed father" whom is NOT the DNA father YEARS AFTER BIRTH, due to a Polaroid from a Daddy Daughter dance. And DNA and timeline are not part of statute.

The CA state gov uses daddy daughter dances to ensnare men "fronting" a girlfriends kid, and offload welfare to the innocent man ... FOR MANY YEARS

The legal statute is here :

Specifically CA FAM Division 12 Part 3 Ch. 162 sec 10 : 7611 : A person is presumed to be the natural parent of a child if "..." or "..." or (d) The presumed parent receives the child into his or her home and openly holds out the child as his or her natural child.

REALLY! "(d) The presumed parent receives the child into his or her home and openly holds out the child as his or her natural child."

The Supreme Court ruled that line was legal in CA law and you are the father despite not having DNA match, even if you can prove who the real bio dad is, and even if you met the kid when the kid was 6 years old.

You merely have to take the kid to a us gov shool daddy daughter dance for the polaroid photo op, or drop off the kid at school, and then you own money until the kids adulthood in many us states.

This is generally called the "presumed parent" law and kicks in at 24 months in USA and 12 months in Canada.

All statutes also stipulate that it has to be a male and has to be a cohabiting person living in the child's dwelling, but thats about it.



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Lesson learned. Never have anything to do with kids that aren't yours in California. If you're fucking a single mom be completely cold and distant to the kids, on the level of Stannis Baratheon.


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Close but no.

Never have anything to do with kids that aren't yours. If you're fucking a widow, youre already wasting time better spent looking for your own wife.

NEVER. EVER. be merely alone in the same room with a "single mom"


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How the fuck is that allowed to happen?


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Not enough lynched politicians and judges.


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California is cancer


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Because white folks and muh slabery n umm... uh... wypipo just need to shut up and pay for my niglets already.


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At that point I would just leave the state that tried to hold me responsible for some kid that wasn't mine, fuck the woman too for allowing or encouraging it.


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You better be quick or know how to hop the fence. The US gov will revoke your passport if you're more than $2500 behind on child support.


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California needs to just fucking secede already.