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why they let the invaders into their nations without a fight.

Because their grandfathers let women vote 100 yrs ago.

Women, comprising 50% of the electorate, voted for leftism, socialism and welfare.

Leftism, socialism and welfare raised several generations of weak, feminized, lazy, fatherless men, who have too low T levels to fight back.

The game was essentially over the moment the males let the women vote. Everything after that is just the inevitable chain of ever escalating consequences.


[–] midnightblue1335 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

Black Pigeon Speaks did a great video on "Women and the fall of civilizations". There was a great quote in there: "Women can only have as much power as their men are willing or able to give them."

This fundamental truth brings EVERYTHING into focus. It's not women who fight and die on battlefields for rights- it's men. And men bestow the rights or resources that they've earned upon their women. But allowing their women to have control over the things men have earned is suicidal for a society, because women rarely put their in-group first.

This is a survival mechanism- all throughout history, we see events where a tribe/nation of men fight to the last limb to protect their people. When defeated, the women are the "spoils", and they will view the conquerors as being better potential mates since they were able to defeat their men. We see this behavior all throughout history, but today there is one major difference: we don't shame traitors anymore.

The woman in that photo was a French woman who married a Nazi after France was conquered. After liberation, all of the "war wives" were publicly humiliated in similar manners, AND IT WORKS. Shame is an important facet of civilized society.


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Women's natural high sexual value ensures them reproductive success with domestic or foreign men so bad decisions will unlikely lower their reproductive chances and like you said they might prefer high testosterone men even though these men might be more violent and commit more crimes because back when humans were hunters having a high testosterone level was seen as an advantage. Basically like you said giving women the ability to vote or affect national policy was a huge mistake.


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True, when the soviets marched in berlin 200k women got raped for celebration


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Schopenhauer has a small but interesting essay on women aswell. He also says that women have more empathy and are better people in that sense, but worse in logical decisions. Them being more emotional also means, that they're less rational.

Really, it's a pretty good read. See here